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Seascape Partners with NeurochainAI to Innovate Web3 Gaming

Updated: Mar 20

Seascape Network, a next-generation web3 platform building out a rich gaming ecosystem with DeFi and NFT integrations giving gamers true ownership over their in-game items and rewards, is proud to announce our partnership with Neurochain AI, a cutting-edge decentralized AI platform enabling rapid and cost-effective development of AI-powered dApps, leveraging a community-driven infrastructure. NeurochainAI, as a comprehensive solution, provides essential tools for AI dApp development, including:

  • DePIN compute network for decentralized AI processing.

  • AI model marketplace to trade and access AI models easily.

  • Data layer for secure and scalable data management.

  • dApp layer integrating AI models and featuring an AI dApp store.

Integrating AI into the Seascape Ecosystem

Through this partnership, the Seascape community gains access to Neurochain AI's resources, along with free credits for dApp usage. 

Integrating AI technologies into traditional web2 games is already creating a monumental shift in everything from game development to voice acting and user-generated content. Add the power of blockchain technology to the equation and the potential for web3 gaming to grow is unbounded.

NeurochainAI is a complete platform and suite of tools, allowing developers to quickly develop, deploy, and leverage existing AI dApps for their Seascape projects bringing exciting new game experiences to all Seascape ecosystem games. Website || Twitter || Telegram || Discord

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With Zert commitment to secure and instant blockchain transactions, collaborations like these propel the gaming industry into a new era of decentralization and player empowerment.

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