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Seascape 2023 Q1 Recap

The first quarter of 2023 was a nonstop blast for us here at Seascape Network and Metaking Studios. As we keep turning up the heat, we wanted to take a moment to look back at everything we’ve done and thank our amazing fans without whom none of this would be possible!

Seascape DAO

Seascape DAO is the new governance mechanism moving Seascape along the path to decentralization. It uses a voting system where users must meet specific asset holding requirements, such as CWS tokens or Scapes NFTs, to participate in a vote. Seascape Internal uses a weight system to determine the value of each asset for the voting process to ensure fairness. The votes cover a wide range of topics, including which games to host, which updates to prioritize, collaborations, and more. The votes occur at irregular intervals, with more expansions to voting parameters, suggestions mechanisms, and more on the way.

Seascape Anniversary NFTs

Just in time for the second anniversary of the launch of the CWS token on February 1, 2023, Seascape saw the release of the brand new anniversary NFT series. The Seascape Network Anniversary NFT series is a collection of digital collectibles that commemorate the company's milestones. They will also have utility within Seascape's games and other projects, providing players with exclusive in-game items or other perks. These NFTs are a great way for players and collectors to show off their support for Seascape Network and to own a piece of the company's history. Check out the Scape Store for your chance to get your hands on one, if you don’t already!


BLOCKLORDS has had a fantastic Q1 2023 with remarkable growth and success. Their community has grown to an impressive 303k members across all platforms including Discord, Tiktok, Telegram, Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and banner sale preregistration. In terms of digital assets, 137k banners and 11k basic heroes have been minted along with 33 legendary heroes. BLOCKLORDS recently ran its second Feast, an event where players burn banners to collect roasted pheasants to feed the Kingdom. In total, 18,694 pheasants were distributed to users who participated in the event. The Feast saw the participation of 250 unique players, while 60 COOK discord tags were given out to players, which grants them the Cook role and allows free entries to future feasts. This added incentive encouraged more players to participate, making the event a fun and engaging experience for all involved.

BLOCKLORDS held a competition where participants were asked to design the game soundtrack cover and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. The prizes included a Tier 5 Legacy Farmer (which could be named by the winner), a Hunter, and Artwork Credits on the EP. The top 5 winners were also given the Artist role in the game.

Mini Miners

Seascape has recently released Mini Miners in its current open beta form. Previously, the game was in Early Access and all players received a free Common Mine NFT. The game has received positive social media attention with over 4000 retweets and a 7000% increase in engagement rate, which has contributed to the game's 40% social media growth.

Turkey & Syria Fundraiser

We are proud to announce that our teams recently opened a donation wallet in support of the non-profit organization, AHBAP. In response to the devastating earthquakes that have impacted both Turkey and Syria, we asked our community to join us in supporting this important cause. Thanks to the generosity of Seascape users, we were able to raise an incredible $8300 in aid of this crucial initiative. The fundraiser saw 250 shares and reposts. We are honored to have been a part of such a meaningful effort and look forward to continuing to use our platform to make a positive impact in the world. In the Press:

BLOCKLORDS has made significant strides in gaining publicity, with three press releases generating 22.02 million, 171.31 million, and 179.44 million views. Additionally, the game has been named as one of Coin Telegraph's 10 most anticipated games of 2023, further cementing its position in the gaming community. These achievements showcase the growing anticipation and excitement surrounding the release of BLOCKLORDS, and the team behind the game looks forward to delivering an engaging and immersive experience to players in the near future.


Seascape has run a series of successful partnership campaigns for the second anniversary. Some of our most recent partners include Secondlive, StarryNIFT, and Gametaverse. Players can expect more partnerships in the future as Seascape continues to grow and expand its offerings. In addition to this, BLOCKLORDS has announced collaborations with some big names in the industry. BLOCKLORDS has launched on Polygon, with a new hero category: Hunters.


We thought it would be a good idea to mention all the locations that our founders represented both Metaking Studios and Seascape for the world to admire this year. The teams participated in several major events, including Pocket Gamer Connects, Animoca Brands, ETHTL, NFT Paris, COIN OP, Paris Blockchain Week, and GDC. These events provided an opportunity to showcase Seascape and Metaking Studios to a wider audience and connect with other industry leaders.

Looking forward to the next quarter, Seascape Network plans to continue its growth and development, with more exciting announcements and events on the horizon.

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.

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David Ferguson
David Ferguson
Apr 12, 2023

Thanks for the interesting article. Our company is constantly improving the software to facilitate the work of the personnel department.

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